Moving can be confusing and disorienting. However, with the right organizing tips, a good storage unit and the assistance of a reliable team of movers, you can get everything out of the way in time for the big day.


  1. Keep Track of All Your Moving Expenses


The first thing you need to do to make sure you can handle the move with ease is to keep track of your expenses. Make sure to have a clear estimate weeks in advance to account for paying the movers, covering the cost of your storage unit, paying for transportation and getting snacks for the road.


  1. Properly Package Your Items


Defrost your fridge at least a day before the move, package plates vertically to prevent them from breaking, and label all your hardware, electronics and other equipment. Also, make sure you take photos of electronics and appliances before the move, to avoid conflict in case of damage.


  1. Consider Long Term Storage When Moving to a Smaller Home


If you’re moving to a smaller home, or you simply want to de-clutter your home and store some items separately, consider getting a storage unit long term, and start separating the items you want in your new home from the ones you don’t use that often.


  1. Coordinate with Your Movers Weeks in Advance


Don’t wait till the last week before you start looking for a moving company and storage unit. Call different companies and do your research 6 weeks in advance, then coordinate with your movers while packaging everything, to ensure there are no unwanted surprises when the big day arrives.


  1. Call Utility Companies to Shut Everything Off the Day After You Move


Finally, make sure you talk to your utility companies 5-6 weeks before the move, to make sure they can shut everything off when you move out. Don’t forget to contact your phone, water, electric, gas, cable and internet provider as early as possible, to receive confirmation that they can have everything taken care of by the time you’re moving out.