Whether you are moving your business across the state or just down the street, be sure to order your storage containers in Boulder Colorado and make this transition easier for you and your employees. Planning and team work are key components in this process, let us help you take care of your stuff while you sort out the rest of the details. 

 Plan the Move

Create a timeline that will allow for all the necessary stages of your move. You’ll need to discuss this with the rest of your moving team or with the managers and supervisors to ensure it’s feasible. For a small office, you’ll need at least three months to prepare and for a medium to large office, at least six to eight months. The key is to start as early as possible.

Gather Your Team

For medium to large offices, I recommend appointing (or ask for volunteers), someone from each department or division to coordinate their particular area.

It could be assigned to the department supervisor or manager who can then ensure that each employee takes responsibility for packing their desk, files, and personal items. For smaller offices, you may be on your own. If so, identify a few key people who may be able to help with coordinating the move. The next step is to collect all information on the new space. Try to get blueprints or floor layout so you can identify key components such as electrical outlets, storage space, etc. and most importantly, to determine the new office layout. It is also a good idea to have a general layout plan for your current space so you can compare the two; if there are areas in the current office that are not working, identify them so that they can be resolved in your new space.


Assign Tasks

Have your moving committee create a list of tasks that need to be completed and make sure they are added to the timeline/schedule.

You may require specialty service providers, such as telephone line installers or computer network specialists. Ask each department manager or supervisor what is required from their area. Make sure common areas are covered, such as the reception area, lobby, and storage areas.

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