Moving with kids is always a little challenging, especially if they are resistant to the move itself. The trick is to prepare them for moving then get them involved. By staying involved in the process, they’ll feel they’re part of a team and more in control of a situation where they sometimes feel helpless.

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Take a Trip to an Office Supply Store or Craft Store

Once your child knows about the move, the next step is to help them get ready and prepared and the first thing to do is to take them to the office supply store to pick up fun materials for them to use to pack their stuff. Pick up colorful stickers, markers, a journal or diary to record their experience, boxes, packing tape and plastic bins, if you prefer to pack without cardboard boxes. 

Go Through Their Bedroom with Them

Be aware that children will try to hold onto their things a little more tightly than they usually would. Moving is all about change and the more their lives are changing, the tighter they’ll hold on to the things they can. Take time to go through their bedroom with them to help them decide what to keep and what to give away.

Get the Room Dimensions

If possible, provide older children with room dimensions so they can plan their own space. Describe what things their room will hold or if new furniture may be needed. Try to get them to imagine their new space and start to design how they’d like their new room to look This will help them sort and select the items they want to keep for their new spaces.

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