Decide What You Need to Store

Whether you want a storage container in Colorado Springs, or one in Boulder, first figure out what size you will be needing and what things you will be putting in it.

Before you start looking for a storage facility to keep your things, you need to know what and how much stuff you need to store. The woman who contacted me, needed to store all of your things, including some valued pieces of art that required a storage space that is free from damp and protected against the elements. 

First, take a household inventory to decide what to store and what will move with you. Make a list and for large things, like furniture, take measurements of each item and list the number of boxes and their sizes to ensure your storage space is large enough to hold everything you need to keep.

Next, determine if there are any items that require special storage. If you’re storing antiques or furniture or artwork that is valuable, you’ll want to invest in a space that is climate-controlled, in particular if you’re storing stuff for a longer period of time.

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