In this day and age, we seem to be downsizing, though we usually continue to have a lot of stuff. Storage has now become a relevant concern for people of all ages. Luckily, there are a variety of options to choose from. The reasons why you may need it also vary. You might prefer a personal storage unit to hold your things because you’re planning to move into a bigger space in the future. Or, you might need a portable storage container at your Denver home because you are about to make a big move. Whatever you may need, be sure to look at all of the options, and be sure you are going with something you really want. 

Self-storage pros

If you don’t mind driving your goods to a facility, then self-storage is typically the most cost-effective storage option.

One of the biggest benefits is that you typically can access your property in the storage unit as needed, rather than waiting to have a container delivered to you.

When picking a storage provider, a big consideration is the facility’s operating hours. Although many sites don’t close, some have specified hours for renters to access their storage lockers.

Self-storage can be ideal if:

You aren’t sure how long you need the space, if you need long-term storage or how much space you’ll need. You’re making a local move.You simply want to stash clutter.


Portable storage

Portable storage containers have gained popularity because they can provide a cheaper alternative to traditional full-service moving companies.

Rather than renting a moving truck and hiring movers, mobile storage firms bring the portable storage container to you for packing. When you’re ready to go, the provider stores the container in a facility or ships it to a specified location.

Another key advantage of this storage option is that you can easily walk into a container to load it. Most moving vans require you to use ramps and lifts to reach the loading areas.

Portable storage containers may be best when:

The storage duration is short.The moving distance is far.Most items are expected to be in storage for an extended period.

Although you can easily have your container sent back to you as needed, the delivery costs often make it less than ideal if you often need to access your property. If you have available space on your property, keeping the container on-site is usually possible.

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