Colorado has lots to offer to locals and to visitors alike. Whether it is a cultural experience, a culinary tour, a hiking or rafting adventure or partying that you are looking for, this wonderful state will surely amaze you – here are a few must-try activities:

  • Explore the unique nature of the state – visit the Black Canyon and marvel at its wildlife while enjoying healthy exercise, climb Mount Evans and take in the most dramatic view of the Rockies or embark on a rafting tour in Durango with your kids;
  • Visit museums – Colorado has plenty of museums where you can get into touch with the region’s rich past and present. Check out the Denver Art Museum or take the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad to explore the area on a guided tour;
  • Enjoy local cuisine – you can join an organized food tour and check the most interesting places to eat at in Denver or hit downtown and find a restaurant. Whichever way, don’t miss local craft beer – many restaurants and pubs make their own beer and they are all excellent;
  • Visit the Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde – be prepared to climb lots of steps and ladders, but the scenery is worth it.

Because recreation opportunities are plentiful in Colorado, you may be tempted to want to move to Colorado, or change locations within Colorado to be closer to the mountains and hiking and skiing opportunities. Moving is always a big undertaking, involving a new home search, preparing your current home for resale etc. One thing that we have found helpful, is using storage containers Denver options to help organize the process. You can rent these containers and use them to store items, sort through your possessions, and get ready for any type of move you may undertake.