If you’re planning to move to Colorado, here are a few aspects you might want to know.

  1. You will have plenty of outdoor entertainment opportunities

Few states are as diverse as Colorado, when it comes to topography: mountains, canyons as well as deserts with sand dunes – scenery like this definitely has the power to keep you active, during every season of the year.

  1. Denver is great, but it is not the only city that worth your attention

Modern life makes people feel particularly attracted by big cities and Denver is the capital of the state after all. However, there is much more to Colorado than its capital: the Denver-Aurora-Boulder area and Forth Collins are only a couple of examples.

  1. You will be content with the quality of life here

Even if Colorado living is over 10 points more expensive than the national average, the quality of life will compensates the price, not to mention that the economy of the state seems to be on the right track, with 5,5% unemployment rate, constant job growth and an income per capita of more than $31,000 (which exceeds the national level).

  1. The crime rate is low and it decreased in the last years

Colorado still has neighborhoods and areas to avoid, just like every other state, but the crime rate stays low and there are plenty of safe and desirable places to live.

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