Shipping delicate and fragile items can be a chore, and a lot of people tend to rush through it when moving. The following tips, however, should always be considered, if you don’t want your most prized possessions to end up damaged on the road or in flight:

  1. The first thing to look for is any area that stands out. Examine the item you want to ship carefully, and see if you find anything like the arms or legs on a porcelain doll – portions of the item that could snap while in transit. Once identified, wrap them into bubble wrap first, then carefully do the same for the rest of the object.
  2. Choose a strong box for transporting your most fragile item, and use Styrofoam peanuts to prevent it from being damaged by a bumpy ride. If you’re worried your box isn’t strong enough, add a few layers of bubble wrap along the walls and bottom for safe measure.
  3. Tape your boxes to strengthen them. Remember that it might take a few thousand sheets of duct tape to measure up to the value of your item, so don’t try too hard to save by using less tape.
  4. If you’re using a moving service, make sure to take photographs of all your fragile items before having them transported. Make sure your movers acknowledge them before the move, so there won’t be any discussions, in case your items are damaged on the way.
  5. Properly packing to keep items from breaking during the move takes time. Securing storage containers at Denver Brekke Storage may be the perfect move for you. No pun intended! This gives you a safe and secure space to move packaged items to prior to your move. Once moving day arrives, all boxes are packaged securely and ready for safe shipment.