A lot of people don’t fully realize just how beautiful Colorado can be. The state offers numerous exciting travel destinations you can visit with the entire family, and you’ll find that a basic 2-week vacation won’t even be enough to explore all its natural treasures and wonders.

The Rocky Mountain National Park is situated just a few miles from the town of Estes Park, and it will provide you with more than 100 majestic peaks, each of them than 10,000 feet. Trail Ridge Road is the main road going through the park, and it offers you a spectacular view by taking you to an altitude of more than 12,000 feet. Whether you’re interested in photography, camping with the family, observing the local wildlife, or you want to challenge the elements by hiking or biking through the area, this park will certainly meet your expectations.

If you’re traveling through Colorado during the winter, the mountain town of Vail with its ski resort and proximity to several similar towns in the area will provide you with an excellent destination for some winter fun. The town features several hotels, restaurants and shops, and is located at the base of a beautiful hill. The surrounding landscape will make you feel like you’re actually skiing in the Swiss Alps.

Finally, if you’re in Durango or other parts of southern Colorado, you simply have to see the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gage Railway. In the summer, this historic train will take you on day trips through the valley between the town of Durango and Silverstone – an old mining town that will give you a glimpse into Colorado’s past.

If you are considering traveling through Colorado for an extended period of time, and have more gear (camping, skiing, backpacking) than you want to travel with daily, consider looking at convenient portable storage units in Denver to give you the ability to take only what you need with you for each portion of your trip. Enjoy the beauty of Colorado and the surrounding states! Make the most of every moment!