If you ask experts what’s the first thing you should do before trying to sell a house, most of them will reply that you have to declutter and make your home look as presentable as possible. Why is that such an important requirement? Because possible buyers will always take the first impression of your home into account, especially when looking for a potential place to stay with their children.

The image of your home is a statement in and of itself. It basically conveys a message about your home’s general appeal, whether through online pictures or in person. Because of that, a cluttered home – no matter how practical and well-built – will not sell as quickly as a home that has faulty wiring and plumbing, but a tidy, beautiful appearance.

decluttered hallway

Decluttering also sends a message of transparency. When potential buyers arrive, they may check to see whether the home is tidy and well-kept. If it isn’t, one of the main conclusions they might draw is that the home was rarely if ever tidied up properly, and that they can expect anything from a dusty attic to termites, cockroaches and other pests.

As you can see, a good clean-up and decluttering job can go a long way toward helping you attract the attention of your buyers. Additionally, experts consider that hiring a stager can add even greater appeal to your home, so it will sell much faster. Use interim storage containers Denver area units for storage space to help minimize the look of clutter. Smaller spaces will look bigger with less things in them.