garage filled with various home storage items

How can you organize your storage unit to make it as roomy, safe and easy to access as possible? The following tips should help you shed some light on this and provide you with a few quick and easy storage recommendations that work each time:

  • Make sure you have a clear way of labeling all your boxes according to whether you’re storing silverware, toys, items of sentimental value, electronic equipment or anything else you might have. Use easily defined categories that can apply to specific items you might own.
  • Always leave any fragile items for last. Aside from running the risk of having them at the bottom, where they could easily be crushed under the weight of your other belongings, this approach also allows you to check up on these items more often – a great asset, especially if some of them are invaluable.
  • Place larger items in the back, and use some of your furniture for housing certain, smaller items. This approach might actually help you save a lot of space and prevent anything from falling over and being broken.
  • Also, make sure some of the more valuable items you own are well-hidden. In the event of someone managing to break in, those items should be the hardest ones to find, and the thief should be fooled into believing that the container or box that it’s in is actually worthless.

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