man who needs to clean his closetA lot of people make spring cleaning seem easy at first glance. According to them, you just have to stir everything up, buy lots of cleaning materials, and hope that the process won’t take up too much of your precious time. However, such an approach can lead to failure if you neglect the technique and the important preparation tasks associated with this essential part of being a homeowner.

In order to properly clean your refrigerator, use a combination of salt with soda water. This mixture is based on the abrasive action of the salt and the bubbly soda water, and is also capable of removing the unwanted odor of a dirty refrigerator.

If the blankets and sheets that you use in a particular room haven’t been used all winter, they don’t necessarily need to be cleaned. However, they do have to be aired out. Hang them on an outside clothesline for up to a day, then take them back in, and they’ll be like brand new.

Finally, for cleaning windows, make sure you use a separate dry rag, aside from the rag you use to actually clean the windows with soapy water. The dry rag will make it easier to remove and absorb any excess soap or dirt that might be left over. A windshield squeegee can also be an excellent alternative.

These approaches will make it easier for you to complete some of the more basic cleaning tasks so you can then focus on the complicated ones. Once you get started, you’ll find that uncluttering your home and organizing your cleaning tasks will be much easier than you even imagined.

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