watching tv storage wars

If you watch the acclaimed TV show Storage Wars, you probably already know a lot of the finds listed below. For those who have never seen it, this exciting show is an example of just how much you can win by checking out local storage auctions and hunting for your next big find.

Here are some of the memorable moments and finds that those who have seen the show probably won’t forget any time soon:

  • Darryl and son once found a collection of priceless baseball cards that any baseball fan would be proud to own.
  • Dave Hester once fooled everyone to look away from a unit he had his eye on. He snatched it for just $1,300, and inside he found some broken vending machines that would ultimately turn out to be worth $28,000.
  • There were also many uncommon items found in various storage units, some of which weren’t more expensive than $1,200. The finds, however, also included an exciting collection of old video games with an estimated value of more than $50,000.
  • Classic toys were also a major find that this time belonged to the rookies of Storage Wars, Jarred and Brandi. The two won more than $10,000 on some old toys that were stashed away.
  • We also can’t ignore that memorable scene where Darryl landed the treasure of a lifetime: an art collection worth more than $300,000 found in a storage unit that he had spent only $3,600 for. The collection contained original artwork by Frank Gutierrez.

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