Having a fun Memorial Day is a great way to start your summer. Fortunately, Colorado has a lot of excellent places where you can make your Memorial Day truly special. As a state with a rich history of housing servicemen, women and veterans, and as one of the places where they are truly valued, you can expect many of the celebrations and events being organized here to be remarkably special.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is great for a relaxing weekend getaway, and if there’s one thing you can find in Colorado it’s mountainside places, state parks and countryside areas where you can really take a load off. Aspen is the place to be this year if you want a truly special outdoor experience during Memorial Day. The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and Snowmass Bike Park are just a couple of examples of where you can enjoy the best views and most interesting pastime.

Denver is great if you like to attend lots of interesting and insightful events and be where all the action is. The exciting rides at Elitch Garden, the Denver Day of Rock and the Veterans Memorial Day Tribute at POF Hall are some of the most exciting things to look at here.

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to get all your landscaping updated, as well as clean up your garage and living spaces. Plan a garage sale to get rid of unwanted clutter. Short term rental storage containers in Denver can make it easy for you to organize and declutter your home and garage.

If you plan on having a great time during Memorial Day, make sure you visit Colorado this year. You definitely won’t regret your choice!