The construction of a new home is a huge project and in the owner’s life it is also a period full of stress and excited anticipation, a period when the owner needs to handle not only practical issues related to the building process, but also lots of organizational tasks. Many families sell their home to get the funds for the construction and they decide to move in with the grandparents or to rent a small apartment until the new home is key-ready, which inevitably raises storage issues.

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If you are currently looking for the best storage solution for your belongings, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Rent a suitably sized unit in a storage facility – storage facilities offer indoor and outdoor units of various sizes, allowing you to choose a unit of the size and type that work best for you;
  • Find new construction shipping containers for sale in Denver to keep your items close to the construction site – you can also buy/rent a secure, lockable and weatherproof container to move your belongings to the plot of land where your new home will be erected. These containers are very affordable and they can be rented for shorter and longer periods alike.