offsite document storage

Company records are important documents that corporate entities are required by the law to keep for several years after the year when they are created, but for most companies, they also a constant source of space-related issues. If the room where you keep your business records is already packed full and there are boxes of company papers everywhere in your office, making accurate record-keeping and retrieval very difficult, here are a few tips to help you solve the problem:

  • Buy a used cargo container – these mobile record storage containers in Boulder CO are affordable and easy to get and they provide excellent, secure and weatherproof storage for your important documents. You can place the container close to your office building to make access to the files easy and you can also customize the interior of the container by adding shelves and racks;
  • Rent storage space – wherever your business is located, there is probably at least one storage space provider in your area. The facilities provide storage units of various sizes and levels of equipment, you can even choose an air-conditioned unit to make sure your documents are kept among the best conditions and don’t get damaged by temperature fluctuations and high humidity in the air.