If your company’s activity requires you to use a warehouse to store the items that you manufacture or sell and your success has made you step up the production, but now you need more storage, too, here are some tips about to get extra warehouse space without buying land:

  • Make sure you use your existing space as efficiently as possible – evaluate the efficiency of your warehouse and improve it by adding shelves. You can add shelves all the way up to the ceiling and place items that are used less frequently on the top shelves;
  • Expand your warehouse upwards – if the structure of your existing warehouse allows it, you can buy a used cargo container and place it on top of the building. All you need for comfortable access to the items in the container is a row of stairs;
  • Rent storage space – Look at warehouse space options for portable storage units in Denver. Moving old inventories, unused corporate items or your company archives to Denver storage unit service providers nearby will allow you to free up storage space in your existing warehouse, making room for more items;
  • Reorganize the premises – if your office occupies a large space, but your office crew is small, you can move the team to a smaller space and use the free space for storage.

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