portable storage in Colorado

The state of Colorado is doing very well, economically speaking, and many people relocate here due to job opportunities and the quality of living. However, the sun doesn’t shine in every corner of the state and, pretty much like everywhere else, there are different areas and neighborhoods – some better than others.

If you want to determine which one is best for you, the best thing is to consult official data (Census data and FBI crime data), as well as people`s reviews. The most important criteria that you should look for include median income and median home values, unemployment rate, crime, education opportunities, poverty rates, commute time and population density.

The best areas and neighborhoods, according to these criteria are:

  • Louisville

With a population of almost 20,000, ranking the 15th when it comes to unemployment rate and the 9th when it comes to home values, Louisville is a city that offers great jobs and represents the most desirable location in Colorado, for those who can afford the cost of living here.

  • Parker

Its proximity to Denver, the low crime and unemployment rate (4%) as well as the overall beauty of this town make Parker another great place to live. The population has almost doubled during the last couple of decades, which is another proof that Parker is definitely a place to be put on your list.

  • Erie

Erie ranks in the second place among areas with the lowest crime in the state. Its residents make great salaries, they have good jobs and unemployment rate is only 2.9%.

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