storage container buildingStorage containers might seem like simple, large metal boxes, but in fact they are very versatile containers that can be used creatively for dozens of different purposes – here are some of the most interesting uses of containers:

  • Homes – cargo containers can be combined and assembled to be used as homes. The large metal boxes can be insulated and the interior space can be freely customized and arranged to match the owner’s style;
  • Workshops – large portable storage units Denver cargo containers make great workspace. They can be easily fitted with doors and windows and they can also be equipped with insulation and illumination to suit the work processes to be performed inside the box;
  • Cafes – recycled cargo containers are becoming increasingly popular for café owners who want to open a small place that features a unique design;
  • Swimming pools – cargo containers are affordable, quite large and they can be made completely watertight, that’s why they are increasingly sought for by homeowners who want a cheap, easy to build and perfectly functional swimming pool in their backyard;
  • Indoor gardens – cargo containers make excellent nurseries for gardens or even for complete indoor gardens where sensitive plants are sheltered from harsh weather and can get the amount of light they need from indoor illumination.