moving and storage

Packing up and moving house is a huge task, but it can all become easier with the right supplies – here are the most important items that you need to pack up your storage container:

  • Boxes of various sizes – you will need boxes of all sizes, from very large to very small. Make sure the boxes are all thick and resistant enough to take the wear and tear of the moving process and try to get sets of boxes of the same size to be able to stack them one on top of the other;
  • Tape – you need tape of the best quality for sealing, reinforcing and labelling your boxes. Get at least two rolls of shipping tape, duct tape and masking tape;
  • Scissors and cutters – you will need them for the unpacking, too, so make sure you place them into your first-night pack to be able to get them straight away when you arrive at your new place;
  • Permanent markers – you can use them for writing on labels or directly on the box to help you identify the contents of each of your boxes;
  • Packing paper, foil or bubble wrap – you will probably need to pack fragile items or things that need extra protection, which means that you should pick up a generous quantity of paper, foil or bubble wrap, too.
  • If you have a large amount of items, or are considering some type of storage while you wait for home renovations, think about looking into double locking doors shipping containers for sale in Denver to make the process more secure and efficient.