Moving house is stressful in itself, but when you have to do it with the little ones, the process is even more difficult. However, there are lots of different things you can do to reduce the stress related – here are some tips:


  • Communication – your children might be young, but they see and feel a lot about what is going on around them. Take the time to sit down with them to tell them what they should expect during the difficult period ahead and also ask for their help. Tell them how difficult the transitory period will be and assure them that you rely on them, then tell them how much help it would be if they behaved bravely and listened to you;
  • Show the kids the new place – take them to see their new home if it is possible or, if the new place is too far away, show the kids pictures about the place;
  • Keep the kids busy – assign some adequate tasks to each of the little ones, such as sorting through their toys and putting them into containers to involve them and make them feel helpful and important;
  • Be smart when you pack your items – make sure that the room or the rooms of the kids will be made usable first, that way you can make them comfortable very soon after you arrive at your new home.
  • Schedule large storage containers in Boulder CO to be delivered to your house to make the move for organized. You can slowly categorize and pack boxes at a slower pace to make sure your kids are getting the attention they need to feel comfortable with the move.