unpacking moving boxes

Unpacking your items in your new home can be just as challenging as packing your things for the move in your old home. In most cases, furnishing items are moved into the new home first, so just shoving and cramming things into cupboards and drawers might seem like a tempting and quick solution. Unfortunately, quick fixes don’t work in the case of unpacking, so we recommend having shipping containers for sale in Denver delivered and set up a staging area for unpacking. Here are a few tips to make the process easy for you:

  • Unpack one room at a time – move the boxes that contain the items for the room to the center of the space and try to find the final place for as many of the things as you can right when you unpack them;
  • Declutter whenever you have more than two empty boxes – the boxes and the plastic bags that you have already emptied can become serious road blocks, so make sure you remove them before there are too many of them;
  • Leave decorations and collectibles for the end of the process – make sure all the books are in the right order on the shelves before you place the decorations in front of them and unpack the things that you actually use before you hang your pictures on the wall.