moving to a new homeMoving to a new home is the beginning of a new period in your life and also a great opportunity to declutter, thus saving on moving costs and making the move into your new home easier. However, getting rid of your own items is usually more complex of a process than you might think, a process that involves more than just tossing things to the bin. Here are a few tips about how to make the most of the decluttering project:

  • Be critical during the sorting phase – you will probably not need clothes that you have not put on for years or appliances that you used only once, so go through your wardrobe, your kitchen and your basement and remove every item that doesn’t fit you or that you don’t like anymore. You can put the clothes into large plastic bags, while appliances can go into their original box and you can donate everything to a charity organization or you can organize a garage sale and make a few bucks selling them;
  • Dispose of items properly – figure out which of your items are completely useless and find out if they can be recycled or they need to go to a landfill.

The moving and storage experts at can give you more tips to make your moving process as organized and easy as possible.