de-stress the moving processStress can run high during a move, so staying organized with storage containers in Boulder CO is essential for completing the move as quickly and with as little hassle as possible. One of the best ways to keep things under control is to label the boxes used for packing your items – here is how to make the most of your labels:

  • Use the name of the room and numbers on the boxes and on the inventory list – take a label and write the name of the room that the contents of the box will go into and add a number, too. If you know that the box labelled Kitchen nr. 3 contains your plates and it is plates that you need, you will not have to open all ten boxes that are meant to be unpacked in the kitchen;
  • Indicate special handling requirements – labels are great for indicating fragile objects or positioning requirements, such as This side up or similar;
  • Use a large label on your first-night box – moving houses is exhausting, so it is a good idea to pack a box with items that you will need during your first evening, such as toiletries, a pillow and your favorite pajamas. Use a large label on your first-night box and make it the last to be loaded on the moving vehicle to be able to unload it first and to place it in your new bedroom.