movingMerging two or more households by transferring items to a larger home is no easy task, but with some planning nothing is impossible, so here are a few tips to make the process as easy and as efficient as it can be:

  • Discuss everything – merging households will probably require everyone involved to give up some of their treasured possessions, such as pieces of furniture, appliances or decoration. Be prepared that the negotiations can get pretty heated sometimes, but it is essential to reach a consensus before moving anything;
  • Get rid of unused items – we all like to keep things that we don’t use, but moving house is an excellent opportunity to purge your closets and your store rooms. Try to be critical with yourself and get rid of as many things as you can to make the moving process easier;
  • Avoid duplicates – even though your new home will be probably larger than the previous homes of the persons involved in the moving, you will probably not need more than one sofa and you don’t need three toasters either. Make a list with all the duplicate items and pick the item that works best in the new environment.
  • Storing excess furniture or holiday decorations in portable storage units in Denver can be helpful as you continue to merge and create your space together.