Looking for double locking door shipping containers for sale in Denver and filling it with your items in a way that is safe for your belongings and efficient as well is an art as well as a science – here are a few tips to make the process safe, easy and quick:storage container for sale

  • Make sure the container is placed on a flat area close to the opening through which you will take your items to the container;
  • Leave as little space as possible among the items loaded – it is the best way to ensure that your items stay safe during the transport;
  • Load heavy items on the bottom at the back or on the sides of the container and lightweight objects on the top;
  • Wrap and pack your items correctly to avoid scratches and other types of damage;
  • Tie as many items as you can to anchoring points inside the container to prevent your belongings from moving around the container;
  • If you need to pack machines and tools as well, drain all the oil and fuel from them – oily tools can soil the objects around them and fuel residues pose fire hazards;
  • Use your own padlock or straight shackle padlock when you are finished packing and make sure you are the only one who holds a key.