moving and storage containersShipping containers are great not only for moving cargo over large distances – they are excellent for short distances and as stationary storage facilities as well. These large storage containers in Colorado Springs streamline the moving process – here is how you can use them to move your business location:

  • Choose the right container – shipping containers come in various sizes, so try to make an accurate assessment of the volume of your assets and pick your container accordingly;
  • Prepare the area for the packing – place the shipping container into an area where you can easily load your corporate items, such as the door of the warehouse;
  • Make sure the machines that you use for moving heavy items, such as the forklifts are in perfect working condition;
  • Organize the items to be packed – pay attention to the layout of the new location and pack your items accordingly. Make sure that the items that will have to be unloaded from the container first are loaded last;
  • Pay attention to all the details of the contract with the container provider – pay attention not only to the overall price, but also to the insurance provided in the contract, to the way the company handles the pick-up and the drop-off and make sure the contact duration is optimal for you.