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Putting you First

Brekke Storage will literally bend over backward to help a customer!  Even though Brekke doesn’t work weekends, many, many times we do to give excellent customer service or help a customer during an emergency. When someone has an accident such as a fire or water damage, we make sure to have a container at the location of the emergency by the time the restoration company gets there.

There is no greater reference from a customer than to have them be a customer for year after year and get referral after referral from customers.

You can’t stay in business unless you have a GREAT reputation and we take great pride in our reputation!


See what our clients have to say about us!

Great family owned company! Amazing things you can do with these containers- check out their page!! AWESOME!!!

Shanon Cooper

Facebook Review

Let me tell you my experience with this fantastic company. I had ordered, and they delivered, a 20′ shipping container. I was putting everything I own in the container for an extended trip to Europe. My movers managed to pack all my stuff into a 26′ moving truck and off we went to deliver my goods to my 20′ shipping container. It was not going to fit. I called Brekke Storage at 12:30 in the afternoon and I was absolutely frantic. I was leaving for Europe in less than 48 hours and I had no time to deal with my error. Jerry, the owner, called a driver, got a 40′ container loaded, delivered to my site and 20′ container removed, all in 2 hours.

Thank you Brekke. You are an amazing company. You absolutely stepped up to help me in my time of need.

Barbara Satre - Facebook Review

This company has blown my expectations away. From the first day i dealt with them i was impressed with not just their attitudes and willingness to help, but i really enjoyed was their ability to go above and beyond for me as their customer. Without disclosing too much, i have had a rough couple weeks. Nothing seems to go right. Except dealing with them. I first went there and needed a storage unit….. BAD. They stayed late to make it happen, moved a couple things around without compromising service to their other customers. What really made me decide to let people know how great they are is when i called i was created with hey c_ _ _ __ _ _ _!!! I thought that was amazing. Its running a business that makes me have much gratitude and respect for the operation they are running.

thanks gents. You’re doing amazing things!

Clarence S. - Yelp Review

Very Reasonable Prices

I have dealt with lots of storages over the past few decades.  These folks are some of the nicest people I have met in this business.  They rent storage units, containers, trailers, I used to have a warehouse there. Very reasonable prices.  One of the few storages that did not flood during the 2013 flood.

Thank you Tracy, Jerry, Dean and Shawn.

Toby S.

Yelp – Review

Working with Brekke Storage is great. As a partnered business it’s a breeze working with the employees and I’ve never had a bad experience. I highly recommend working with them.

Tristan Poulsen - Google Review

Never have any issues as far as getting in and out of my storage.

Carol Monroe - Google Review

Would not do without Brekke

Virginia Faye June - Google Review

Mini storage units were great for my overflow. Everyone there is so helpful and informative. I will need another unit in near future and will definitely rent from Brekke Storage.

Mary Clark - Google Review