Do you Rent to own?
NO, We do sale our containers and trailers but no money from rent can go to purchase a unit.
Do you have free delivery?


Do you prorate the rent?
NO, we have a 5 day grace period
Do I have access to my unit on the weekends?
Yes, your gate code will work between the hours of 7am-8pm
Does Brekke Storage have insurance on my belongings in the unit?
No, We have insurance to cover our unit but not the contents inside the unit.
Do the mini storage have heat and electricity?


Can I hold a mini storage unit without putting money down or having a current form of ID?
No,  we are on a first come basis.
Can I have a container moved when it is loaded with my belongings?
No, the container when it is loaded weights more than our forklift or trailers can handle.  We do have trailers for rent or sale that can be moved when loaded.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes we accept all credit cards, checks and cash
Do you have auctions like they have on TV?

Yes we do have auctions but they are set up like a silent auctions



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