Moving Truck Rental in Denver, Longmont & Colorado

three convenient container sizes to fit your move

We have 27’ trailers, 48’ trailer and 53’ trailers. All the trailers are 8’6 in Width and 13’6 in height. Our 53’ trailer is 3816 cubic feet. Our 27’ trailer would typically be able to store a three room house. The larger the home and more furniture the bigger trailers would be best. We deliver the trailer to your home or business (we do not do the packing). Simply call us and we’ll bring the trailer back to our secure yard for storage or take it directly to your new location.

27-foot trailer

Approx. 3-5 rooms of furniture

Holds up to 60,000 lbs of contents

Approx. 2000 cubic feet

8’6″ width – 13’6″ height

48-foot trailer

Approx. 6-10 rooms of furniture

Holds up to 74,000 lbs of contents

Approx. 3500 cubic feet

8’6″ width – 13’6″ height

53-foot trailer

Approx. 8-12 rooms of furniture

Holds up to 77,500 lbs of contents

Approx. 4100 cubic feet

8’6″ width – 13’6″ height

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Residential or
Commercial Moves

1. Pick out the size of your safe and secure weatherproof trailer you need.  (see chart above)

2. Let us know when you’d like it delivered to your old home for packing (let us know if you need packing blankets, dollies, ramps, locks.)

3. Let us know when to pick it up and if you need it stored, or when to deliver it to your new home to unpack it!



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