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trailers for rent or purchase

Brekke Storage has a variety of products and services to help solve all types of storage problems. Our high strength coreten storage containers can assist you with keeping your valuables safe and secure. Our rental units come standard with a high strength lock box to add security and give you peace of mind that your valuables are safe.

Trailer Inventory

Our Storage trailers provide dock height storage, to help expand your warehouse. Many of our customers use them while doing inventory, or to get extra space for holiday inventory

Trailer Inventory from 27′ to 53′, Rent or Purchase

Rent a trailer and store it in our safe, secure yard

Trailer Pricing

Trailer pricing:
26′  $175.00
40′  $200.00
45′   $225.00
48′  $250.00
53′   $275.00

Deliver fee depends on where we are going.